A Member of the Lake Michigan Beneteau First 36.7  Fleet

About us

Karma Sailing Group, LLC is the privately owned racing syndicate for the Beneteau First 36.7 named Karma.  Karma (Hull #236) is a 2007 model First 36.7 who makes her home port Chicago at DuSable Harbor. 

Karma is raced under the Chicago Yacht Club Burgee as both owners are members. She was previously a 2003 model (hull #101) from 2003 to 2006.

Owners* Lou Sandoval &Martin Sandoval have put together a competitive team that has a long list of accomplishments:

  • 2016 CYC Verve Cup-Distance Race-1st place
  • 2016 Race to Mackinac- 3rd Place F36.7
  • 2015 Race to Mackinac- 1st Place F36.7 
  • 2014 Race to Mackinac- 1st Place F36.7 ; 4th Overall Trophy Division
  • 2013 Race to Mackinac- 4th Place F36.7
  • 2012 Race to Mackinac- 4th place F36.7
  • 2011 Race to Mackinac -Section Winner           First 36.7 
  • 2010 Race to Mackinac- Section Winner         
  • F 36.7
  • 2009 Race to Mackinac-Section Winner F 36.7; 3rd in fleet 17th Overall 
  • 2008 Race to Mackinac-Section Champion F 36.7; 3rd Overall Mac Trophy Division
  • 2007 North American Championship-Buffalo, NY 8 of 47. Top Chicago Boat.
  • 2006 Race to Mackinac Section Champion F 36.7
  • 2005 Race to Mackinac-Section Champion F 36.7
  • 2005 Verve Cup Champion F 36.7
  • 2005 Chicago NOOD Regatta-2nd Place F 36.7
  • 2004 Race to Mackinac Section Champion F 36.7
  • 2003 Chicago NOOD Regatta- 3rd Place

Boat Personality:
We foster a fun, light hearted boat atmosphere where the motto 'what happens on the boat, stays on the boat' truly applies.  We work hard to play hard.  Friendly banter is the norm and sailing well is the goal. 

Crew Expectations:
Each crew member is expected to put in their fair amount of 'boat time'.  We sail as a team, so if one person doesn't carry their load, all suffer. We expect commitment to a full season and we (KSG) all recognize that there are many things pulling each of us in different directions.  As boat owners we make the sacrifice to be away from family, so we ask that you honor your word and be there when you say you will be. 

To Join:
If this all sounds intriguing and you are interested in joining the team send us an email here

(*There have been three different Owner-partnerships in the 16 years we have owned SV Karma)

What is it like on Team Karma? See for yourself!

Karma Mac 2014 - In the Mackinac Straits with the kite-HD from Karma Yacht Sales on Vimeo.

Above: 2016- "Close but NO Cigar" -Team KARMA finishes a respectable 3rd in section.

Above: 2015- KARMA Mac Team Celebrates  their 8th Mac Win-setting a new Fleet Record.

Above: 2014- KARMA Mac Team Celebrates Come from behind Mac Win to Mark their 7th Win in 10 years.

2012: Despite leading a majority of the Race to Mackinac. Karma finishes 4th.

2011: Team Karma hoists 6th Win in an extremely memorable 103rd Race to Mackinac

Above:  2008 Karma MAC Team Hoists the Section and Overall Brag Flags.

Above:  Team Karma Prepares for a Spinnaker Raise at the 2007 NA's in Buffalo, N.Y.

Above:  2006 Karma MAC team hoists their 'three-peat' MAC victory burgee. Section winners 2004-2006.

Above: 2004 Karma wins 1st Race to Mackinac.